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I’m so thankful you’ve allowed me to share my book with you. I have a huge favor to ask of you. If you’d be willing to spare just 5-minutes and leave a review of my book on Amazon, I would love to thank you by giving you the premium audio editions of both Think and Grow Rich and The Master Key System. Here are some ideas for you when submitting your review.

  1. What did you like most about the book?
  2. What about the book surprised you?
  3. Did the book cover the content as described?
  4. Do you think you got your money’s worth?
  5. Was the book interesting and easy to read?


I understand that some my not agree with my book and I respect the opinion of all readers. I only ask that you submit any negative review to me personally by email at, rather than submit a negative review online.

Bonus offer is for all reviews whether positive or negative.

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Maurice Goulet

Maurice searched for truth all his life. For many years he followed the doctrines of men. He wrote his first book “Lord of Darkness, Lord of Light” in 2004. Maurice grew up believing that no one can go beyond what he has been taught. One day he brought up that statement in a conversation with a professor from the Moody Bible Institute. The professor challenged him with the statement: “God is sovereign, why are you limiting God?” Maurice returned home that day and asked himself: If God is sovereign, why do men and women trust their spiritual life with the teachings of men? He then began a 10-year journey allowing God to work in his life to understand the events of our day. His latest book is the record of that 10-year journey. The Day Of God reveals the origin and conclusion of the Islamic conflict with America, the strong delusion now engulfing the world and the future of this present age.

Bonus May 2, 2017